Stone Surfaces

Stone is an undeniably timeless natural product derived exclusively from Mother Nature.

Exclusive Doors’ STONE COLLECTION is made of stone sheets, peels of different types of slates, sedimentary rocks, real stone created naturally from earth’s crust with the passage of millions of years.

Stone sheets are used as a veneer of natural stone with many advantages and unlimited application options. Its application is ideal as a wall lining, for fireplaceselevators, stairs, floors, doors, (cabinets, furniture, kitchen, wardrobe) for interior and exterior areas of residential and commercial buildings.

Stone sheets are also widely applied in yachts, hotels, restaurants, bars and spa fit-outs as it renders stone into a flexible new material that exudes elegance, quality and sophistication without losing its original naturalness.

  • Weight: 1,50 kg/m2
  • Thickness 3-7 mm
  • Slate content: 1 to 1.4 mm.
  • Substrate is made of resins with glass fibres
  • Composition: sedimentary rocks (oxygen, carbon, silicon, aluminum, iron, potassium)
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Thermal expansion: 0,50-0,80 mm
  • Friction: IS: 9162-1979 (average 0.70 mm -maximum wear of 0.80 mm)
  • Density: IS: 12866-1989 1.45 kg/m2.
  • Non-absorbent to water
  • Resistance at temperatures below zero 80 Co
  • Not affected by UV radiation
  • Fire-retardant varnish
  • To be maintained as natural stone
  • To be cleaned with neutral detergents
  • To be sealed depending on application
  • To be stored in dry areas prior to installation
  • Can be applied on cement, wood, metal, glass, MDF, chipboard and many other substrates
  • Can be cut with common joinery tools