Sandstone Surfaces

Perfect mix of current design trend for the natural characteristics and its authenticity.
Each piece is a unique copy of nature with sophisticated design, unusual textures and colors to a touch of luxury.

Created from an idea to bring people the sand image in various colors and shapes, such as those formed after millions of years on on earth surface.

The appearance of color and structure are natural events, the design of each card is different and can not be the cause of complaints.

  • Antistatic material (not gathering dust) especially for allergy sufferers.
  • Not affected by uv rays.
  • Lightweight: 3kg per square meter.
  • Ecological product (breathable) applies even in kids room.
  • European certifications.
  • High-strength long life.
  • Quick easy installation.
  • Processed with woodworking tools.
  • It applies everywhere of plaster, cement, metal, glass, plexi glass.
  • No compounds.
  • Light transmitting.
  • Sealed with stone varnish.
  • Purified as natural stone.
  • It is coated with flame retardant Β 1.
  • Flexible, ideal for pillar investment.
  • Wall coverings.
  • Fireplaces.
  • Elevator cabins.
  • Facades reception.
  • Business premises.

Available in size 2,74*1,10.