Securlap Sectional Doors

Distinctive bas-reliefs combination!



Northern Spruce


Larches and Teak
Windows and Grids

OVERLAP is also available with a wide range of glazing options that allow you to illuminate the garage interior with natural light and to lighten the visual impact of the door.

The OVERLAP windows are made of polycarbonate, lightweight and durable material available with bronze embossed finish and, on request, clear embossed or smooth transparent finishes. If the garage needs ventilation, it is possible to add ventilation grids or circular slits to OVERLAP.

When the full opening height is not required you can choose either a glazed or timber transom.


Upon customer request, it is possible to enrich OVERLAP with a double handle (standard finish Platinbronze), which allows the manual operation of the door; the double handle becomes mandatory in the case of a garage with no other entrance or for a manual door.

To have always an optimal aesthetic integration, the handle is available in the following finishes: Platinbronze, Platinsilver, Aged Bronze or lacquered RAL.

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