External Door Features

Electronic Lock

You can choose opening your door with a mechanical key, an immobilizer or a pass code. All peripheral bolts lock automatically when the door closes.

Biometric Lock

Unlock your door using your fingerprint. Fast and easy programming with the capacity to store up to 100 password-protected fingerprints.

Digital Door Viewer

A new way of looking and an essential tool for the family, considered as last line of defense. Very useful for children and older people.

Built-in Alarm

Independent alarm on the door leaf with remote control. Easy to use. Includes siren and shock detector.

Aqua Stop

Is a threshold system that protects from air, wind, water, insects and noise. It has a solid aluminium body of 15mm high and complies with EU standards on disability access.

Fixed Drop-sil

As an option (free of charge) for better thermic insulation.

Emergency Exit