Real security under real-life tests

You should know that only a few security doors are certified in endurance to break-in attempts by official international institutes. Security depends on certified quality, and not all security doors are indeed certified…

The ENV 1627 , issued in 1999, is a European standard directive which defines the kind of tests applied in order to characterize a door as security / armored door. The standard applies in Italy as well as all European countries.

  European directive – ENV 1627:1999 standard

Security doors are classified as to the level of security provided, according to the effectiveness demonstrated under certain tests.

The European standard ENV 1627:1999 stipulates the testing processes as well as the measurable values to be achieved by the doors undergoing the tests. According to this standard, security doors are certified by official authorized certification institutes, which perform security doors certification tests all over Europe.

Every door undergoes three kinds of tests in order to be certified. Each test is of destructive nature, thus the certification institute performs the tests on three identical samples, one for each test. The static load and dynamic load tests measure the door’s endurance under static and dynamic loads specified by the directive. For the third test, specialized personnel of the certification induce various manual burglary attempts against the door, using a variety of tools and means that the average burglar might use.