CHOCK 250 X 250 X 25mm, all designs packaged 16 pieces one square meter
MINI CHOCK 250 X 250 X 20mm, PEAK 250 X 250 X 24mm
BEEHIVE 250 X 180 X 20mm, SENSES 250 X 170 X 40mm

C03 Organic Blocks

In the Organic Blocks collection each product has a different volume and shape which gives a very different aesthetics result.
Those volumes are reached by using the latest technology in the cork industry: the moulding technology.

The raw material is a combination of special pigments and resins with the granulated cork, resulting on a natural, spontaneous and impulsive product.
On the top of those features, the option of  “mass pigmentation” rather than “painting solution”, allows the transparency of the cork structure and the possibility of cutting the pieces without losing the color.